Evening Exposure

The sky was a bust, I’d missed sunset, again! and this time not even by a little. The sun was on its way over the Atlantic and even the light from the after glow had gone, I’d travelled halfway around the moor to be on the doorstep of Haytor and despite lots of planning I’d still not got myself there in time.

Anyhow after completing the task I’d really been in the area for, I had a quick look to see if there might be a bit of a chance of getting a shot of the milky way doing its thing over Haytor. Nope, Clouds. Time to go home.

By the time I turned on to the A30 I was starting to feel tired, long day catching up with me, lights were star bursting and streaking by reflected in the windscreen and my glasses. I pulled over into a layby to have a rest. My Nikon lay in its bag on the seat.


The car was getting rocked by the pressure wave of the passing traffic, blurring the image over the time of the exposure. I thought about getting out of the car and then putting the camera on the ground, but I really didn’t fancy getting out of my car and standing around a few feet away from tired people driving at 70+Mph.

I pulled back onto the road and carried on, my mind now refreshed, trying to solve how to get this shot safely. My camera was still on and the lens cap off, mmm. I picked it up put it on the dashboard and hit the button.


Ha!, I could just catch sight of the histogram as it flashed up and I knew I’d got something. I fired a few more off as traffic ebbed and flowed. This was the best of the bunch.


‘Not a Haytor Sunset’ – Nikon D7000, 16-85mm, ISO100, 15sec at f/3.5

I knew that coming up was a junction that had a bridge over the dual carriageway, Perfect! I turned off and parked up past the bridge, and walked back. I hurried the first few shots, because I’m an idiot and I wasn’t thinking about a little thing we like to call focus.


Which is a shame but there you go, I wasn’t too sure about the composition either so I moved to the centre of the bridge and tried again, only I still hadn’t decided to check focus, so the shots I took were no good, I then moved to the other side of the bridge to get the Northbound view, this time I checked focus but still hadn’t clued up to the fact that I hadn’t on the others. Any way after a little Lightroom session I present to you…


‘Not a Haytor Sunset 2’ – Nikon D7000, 16-85mm, ISO100, 15sec at f/3.5


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