Setting Suns

I’ve upended the bag twice but I still can’t find the remote for my camera, why do they make them so small? and black! Bloody impossible to see, never mind keep hold of. 24 hours, that’s the length of time Nikons ML-L3 remote has been in my possession and I’ve managed to temporarily relocate the damn thing.

And that’s about when I realise I’ve lost it somewhere near Dinger Tor, cock. Guess I’ll be taking another 3km walk out in the forlorn hope that a sheep or pony hasn’t chewed it for breakfast or that it now sits beneath a warm dome of cow pat.

It had been a great idea to combine a run (I know, I know, running ugh!) with the opportunity to test out the shiney new remote with the D7000 and some 10 stop long exposure action.

But being the World’s Worst Landscape Photographer I hadn’t checked the weather forecast, so I picked a night with a near full moon and no clouds in the sky at all, not even a tiny one.



This was as good as it got, and I captured this on my iPhone 4. Everything I got on the Nikon D7000 I’m still playing with in Lightroom to see what, If anything, I can get out of the nights shoot.

It was not a good sunset at all, the sun mearly fell below the horizon and dissapeared. Fast forward 24 hours and I’m walking 3km back to Dinger Tor, planning my search pattern as I go, trying to remember each spot where I’d opened my pack. As I got to Dinger Tor my heart sank not only were there sheep but also cows and wild ponies.


This is a bad snap of the area in which I’d been taking photos, somewhere out there is a Nikon remote. I started to look dispite my ever growing sense of futility, muttering and cursing to myself, I wandered through the area. This is why people buy cheap non branded remotes, because they can buy several for the price of the ‘Official’ Nikon one, then if they missplace, drop off a cliff or just stupidly lose one on the open moor they can get another one out.

But I am a cheap gear slut and openly admit to wanting the proper branded one.


Hello you little bugger, where the hell have you been.

Re-united once more, I return triumphantly home and get ready for tonight, A few friends are going to gather and walk up another of the Tors to watch the sunset, the boys are excited as it’s the first year they will be able to come with us. it was a clear a sky as the day before, but somehow on the flanks of West Mill Tor 50 meters or so from the summit, I turned to face the sun and captured this on my Olympus.


‘Setting Suns’ shot on an Olympus E-PL1, 17mm pancake lens, f2.8, ISO 200, 1/80 sec


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