Day Trips

The debate about why we should need the National Trust to take care of our lands ‘Great Houses’ is quite entertaining over a dinner table should one care to bait socialists and left leaning rabid idiots, I am however grateful it exists as it gives my family an interesting diversion from the usual pattern of life.

The tea and sticky buns are always quite good too.

On this occasion I’d even remembered to put a camera, other than my iPhone, into the car along with the boys and the better half. Things were looking up, interesting place and a camera, ye gads!


Through the gardens towards the Tea Shop, I managed to ‘snap’ one picture of wild meadow flowers, coffee and cakes were calling though so I couldn’t take any more, I feel I didn’t do this scene justice there is a really stunning picture waiting there, perhaps to be discovered on another visit when I’m less, hurried.


I love the feel of these old grand homes, mix of stone and wood, again we were on our way to the playground and I stopped as my eye caught something here, but again time was not on my side, it was a family day. I half heartedly tried to take a few other things but nothing was able to be captured without a lot of work and time I didn’t want to spend.


Loved these little ‘Fire Grenades’ but alas it was blurred, taken with the help of my youngest son though, so we didn’t do too bad!

There was one room in the house that was full of stuff the boys were really interested in, and helpfully a National Trust volunteer who was enthusiastic and knowledgable and capable of imparting that knowledge to my young boys, so that their attention was held for a while. this allowed me to drift away, leaving the boys in the care of their new best friend and Mum. The window on the opposite side of the room had caught my eye.


Not bad, but, I had the time to walk around and that’s when I saw this;


‘Inappropriate’ shot on a Olympus E-PL1 17mm f2.8 lens – ISO 200 – f3.2 – 1/13sec

For the rest of the day I didn’t take another photo, other than chocolaty grins on my iPhone.


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