Stormy Coastlines

A trip to the seaside in the middle of autumn can be quite dramatic, and I should be prepared to capture the drama. But I’m useless, and as we exit the car into a full-blown storm I realise I didn’t throw the camera bag in. It is still sat patiently waiting at home.

After being blown about the beach for a while and enjoying chasing the foam bubbles being driven across the sand by what now feels like a gale, we head for the welcoming safety that is the beach side concrete bus shelter.


A family vote is taken, the safety of a nearby YHA Hostel and their open cafe is the favoured outcome, in all likelihood the best option given my three boys capacity for hot chocolate drinks and sticky buns.

I look longingly out of the window and watch the drama unfolding, and feel the lump of my iPhone in my pocket. Sod it. Out I go into the wind and back down to the beach, if an iPhone is all I have then so be it.


And so I while away what seems like minutes, but turns out to be a whole chocolate drinks worth of time, chasing the tide out to sea, capturing pattern after pattern in the freshly exposed sands. Bliss.

I’m getting cold, and I know that my coffee waiting on the table is probably colder so make my way back off the beach and climb the cliff back to the warmth of the cafe. As I reach the top I looked  over the bay in front of the cafe.


Storm clouds were rolling in quite heavily now and the sea was spewing clods of foam high into the air, all quite dramatic and quite hard to stand with the force of the wind. I was now chilled to the bone so I turned to race back into the cafe, If I had turned to my right to go back I would have missed the last image and I think the best, but I didn’t, I turned to my left and saw this.


‘Stormy Coastlines’ shot on an iPhone 4 – ISO80 – f2.8 – 1/1900sec


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