Shooting Sheep

This is the entire reason for this site, the origin of the name, everything. I suppose this is the Genesis moment. In my day-to-day job I arrange words and pictures in such a way that it contributes, in part, to rational people buying things they don’t really need. As part of that I often make use of stock photography resources, and there and idea formed.

Challenge: Could I take the perfect backlit picture of a Moorland sheep and then get it accepted into a Stock Photo Library. It could have been moorland pony only we’d had chocolate biscuits in the office that day and I was a bit giddy on the sugar rush. I’d also had a beer, so it seemed even more of a good idea.

Extra challenge; someone would download and use the image!

How hard could it be, after all there are hundreds of the wooly buggers all over the moor. Especially when I want to eat a sandwich or brew a cup of tea, they seem to appear from no-where!


Actually it is bloody hard, they are skittish, stupid and won’t stand still.


And when you try to get close because you have not got a big enough zoom, they run off!


So you get drawn into a game of trying to outwit a sheep, which just descends into you chasing sheep around a boulder strewn moor, I hate to think of the connotations, or the outcome should someone observe this behavior.


And then when you think you have finally nailed it, you realise the sky is blown out, and because your breathing so heavily due to chasing sheep for the past half hour the shot is blurry. I have come to realise that this may take sometime. I have also come to realise that this may turn into a life’s work.

I can now understand how one can spend a lifetime getting one shot of a rare wild thing.

So there we are, until I have shot the most magnificent sheep ever, or die trying, or give up because, well, boredom.


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