Morning Moos

Ah cows, nothing smells more countryside than a collective of Sunday roasts, the small herd was in an adjoining field on the edge of the woods that I was walking my dog in. Even nature had done her job providing beautiful early morning light.

I being rubbish had left my camera at home, because I’m lazy, and because I know that if I had of had my camera there’s a good chance I would still be there now, photographing cow after cow, looking at the result in the tiny screen and then deleting every single image.

So out came the iPhone from the pocket, a quick half-hearted swipe of the lens to remove most of the pocket fluff and the 2016 BBC Countryfile image of the year is captured.


Or not. there is a picture here I Know it, I’ll try something else.


Ok, zooming does not work, still not feeling it.


Oh look all the cows in a line, Meh. Time to move, my Dog was getting impatient, this was supposed to be her walk after all. And as I walk past a tree I look up again at the field in a sense of regret for not having got an image from something that made me stop and look in the first place. And that’s when I saw this.


Which with a little filter and crop becomes this


Morning Moos

shot on an iPhone 4 with filters applied.


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